• Beth Kobett

    Beth Kobett

    Candidate for Director, At-Large

    Position: Associate professor (mathematics education), Stevenson University (2009–).

    Education: B.S. (education), University of Missouri; M.S.Ed. (administration and supervision), Johns Hopkins University; Ed.D., Johns Hopkins University.

    Previous Experience: Lead consultant, Elementary Mathematics Specialists and Teacher Leaders Project, Brookhill Institute of Mathematics (2010–); faculty associate, Johns Hopkins University School of Education (1992–2002, 2016–); mathematics resource teacher (1989–1992), teacher and team leader (1985–1989), Howard County (Maryland) Public Schools.

    Memberships: NCTM; National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM); TODOS: Mathematics for ALL; Association for Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE); Association for Maryland Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMMTE); Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM).

    Activities in NCTM: Chair and member: Professional Development Services Committee (2013–17); member: Program Committee, Regional Conference (Atlantic City, 2015), Innov8 Conference in St. Louis (2016) and Hartford, Connecticut (2018); presenter: NCTM Institutes, Charleston, South Carolina, and Chicago (2015) and Baltimore (2017).

    Other Activities: AMMTE: president (2015–), co-chair, Early Career Mathematics Teaching Conference (2015–17); MCTM: co-chair, Coaches Conference (2017).

    Publications: Coauthor: The Mathematics Lesson Planning Handbook (Corwin, in press); The Formative 5: Everyday Assessment Techniques for Every Math Classroom (Corwin and NCTM 2017); Putting Essential Understanding into Practice: Addition and Subtraction, Pre-K–2 (NCTM 2014); Mathematics Coaching: Resources and Tools for Coaches and Leaders, K–12 (Pearson 2014); Common Core Mathematics in a PLC at Work, Grades K–2 and Grades 3–5 (Solution Tree 2012).

    Honors: Rose Dawson Excellence in Teaching Award (Stevenson University, 2003, 2013); Mathematics Educator of the Year (MCTM, 2000); Excellence in Teaching Award (Johns Hopkins University, 1997).

    Statement: NCTM is an incredible network of educators, each possessing a unique perspective about the mathematics education necessary for our increasingly diverse population of students. Yet, we are challenged by the overabundance of information about what is best for students. Successful organizations, like NCTM and its affiliates, depend on formal and informal teacher leadership to promote a culture of effective teaching, high expectations for mathematical rigor and coherence, and student success. I recognize and value the important role of technology as a pathway to provide more opportunities for members to collaborate, share, and cocreate knowledge in a designated community space to build member engagement and support teacher empowerment.

    We must also work to advance equitable learning practices for students by developing innovative resources that support family engagement around mathematics. NCTM can connect to on-the-ground teaching experiences by providing a bridge to families and students that focuses on practical, asset-based instructional practices.

    I will bring commitment, passion, innovative thinking, and follow-through while recognizing the efforts of the Council and move NCTM forward, heightening high-quality and equitable mathematics education for each and every student.