• Jason Slowbe

    Jason Slowbe

    Candidate for Director, At-Large

    Position: Mathematics teacher, Great Oak High School, Temecula, California (2014–).

    Education: B.S. (integrated mathematics), Bowling Green State University; M.A. (mathematics), Cleveland State University.

    Previous Experience: Mathematics teacher: San Marcos High School, San Marcos, California (2008–14); Escondido High School, Escondido, California (2007–08); Strongsville High School, Strongsville, Ohio (2004–07).

    Memberships: NCTM; California Mathematics Council (CMC); Greater San Diego Math Council (GSDMC); TODOS: Mathematics for ALL.

    Activities in NCTM: Program Committee member: Innov8 Conference in St. Louis (2014–16), Annual Meeting in New Orleans (2012–14), Regional Conference in Hartford, Connecticut (2010–12); writer: Reasoning and Sense Making Task Library Task Force (2010–13), Illuminations Advisory Group (2009–10); reviewer: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School and ON-Math (2007–09).

    Other Activities: GSDMC: president (2014–17); CMC-South: board member, Conference Committee member; Discovery Education: consultant (2014–).

    Publications: “12th Grade Math: AP Calculus AB” (BetterLesson 2014); “What if Archimedes Had Met Taylor?,” Mathematics Magazine (2008); “Pi-Filling, Archimedes Style,” Mathematics Teacher (2007).

    Honors: Affiliate Leader of the Year (California Mathematics Council–South, 2017), Teacher of the Year (Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Math Teachers Association, 2015), Master Teacher (BetterLesson, 2013), Future Leaders Annual Meeting Attendance Award (NCTM Mathematics Education Trust, 2006).

    Statement: As a classroom teacher, I benefit from NCTM’s high-quality resources and instructional support to its members—and so do my students. NCTM’s membership challenges have parallels to student engagement challenges we encounter in the classroom. Just as we know that each and every student has valuable contributions to make, NCTM must be more inclusive in seeking and leveraging contributions from each of its diverse members to benefit the entire community.

    We need at least one NCTM member in every school so we can reach all student and educator populations—NCTM’s focus on equity demands it. Customizable, à la carte member benefits will reduce financial barriers and add value for all members. To make NCTM accessible to more educators, we should consider K–12 Institutional Memberships so member schools can offer their teachers customizable, teacher-led professional development. Educators want on-demand, just-in-time support; NCTM’s library of resources should be more easily searchable, customizable, and socially collaborative.

    NCTM should amplify members’ voices and value their contributions in innovative ways. On the membership page of NCTM’s website, new and current members should be able to get involved immediately with NCTM’s community, perhaps by reviewing proposals through an “online seat” on program committees or by collecting student work samples for use in NCTM publications. Year-round collaborative growth opportunities will support educators and provide additional opportunities for involvement.

    My top priority is to keep NCTM grounded in the work of dedicated classroom teachers and teacher educators striving to reach each and every student. I humbly welcome the opportunity to serve you.