• Jeffrey Shih

    Jeffrey C. Shih

    Candidate for Director, Western Region

    Position: Associate professor (mathematics education), University of Nevada, Las Vegas

    Education: B.A. (statistics), University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D. (research methodology), University of California, Los Angeles.

    Previous Experience: Assistant professor (mathematics education), University of Nevada, Las Vegas (1999–2005).

    Memberships: NCTM; TODOS: Mathematics for ALL; Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE); Nevada Mathematics Council.

    Activities in NCTM: Member: Emerging Issues Committee (2017–), Program Committee for Innov8 in St. Louis (2016), Las Vegas (2017), and Hartford, Connecticut (2018), Program Development Group (2014–17), Mathematics Teacher Educator Editorial Panel (2012–16); Annual Meeting Program Committees for Philadelphia (2012) and Salt Lake City (2008), Regional Program Committee for Kansas City (2007); Journal for Research in Mathematics Education Editorial Panel (2007–10); Program chair: Annual Meeting for Denver (2013).

    Other Activities: AMTE STaR Fellows program: co-director (2017–), staff (2014–16); UNLV Center for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Education: director (2016–); Cognition and Instruction: executive editor (2016–); TODOS 2018 Annual Meeting Program Committee: member (2017–); Elementary School Journal Editorial Board: member (2012–16).

    Publications: Coauthor: “Math Shelf: A Randomized Trial of a Pre-Kindergarten Tablet Number Sense Curriculum,” Early Education and Development (2016); “Addressing Measurement Issues in Two Large-Scale Mathematics Classroom Observation Protocols,” in Large-Scale Studies in Mathematics Education (Springer 2015); “Research Commentary: Examining the Quality of Statistical Mathematics Education Research,” Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (2009); “The Impact of Middle Grades Mathematics Curricula and the Classroom Learning Environment on Student Achievement,” Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (2008); “Enlightening Preservice Teachers to the Potential of Integrating Mathematics and Children's Literature,” Teaching Children Mathematics (2004); “Instructional Practices that Encourage Children’s Development of Composition of Number,” Teaching Children Mathematics (2003).

    Honors: UNLV College of Education Distinguished Service Award (2016, 2013, 2010, 2006); UNLV College of Education Distinguished Teaching Award (2014).

    Statement: Simply put, I very much want to live in a world with a strong NCTM. NCTM is my tribe. I continue to participate in various NCTM activities both for new challenges and to continue to meet new people to work with and learn from.

    I believe that NCTM needs to offer more opportunities for members to interact with one another, not only at existing meetings but also in new ways. I have been fortunate to be part of the development and implementation of the Innov8 conferences, which have built-in time for collaboration and interaction. I would like to see some of these professional learning opportunities take place at the annual and regional meetings as well. NCTM should explore ways to leverage existing relationships with hotels and cities (where conferences and meetings have been held) to host local meet-ups in conjunction with Affiliate gatherings or for online members. I strongly believe that the future of the organization depends on the development of relationships among members.

    I am willing to listen, think, and learn about how NCTM works and how it can be improved. I will bring to the board energy, enthusiasm, and a commitment to improving mathematics education. I feel that my experiences during the past ten years have prepared me for the position. It would be an honor to be elected.