Membership for PreK–8 Schools

  • NCTM's PreK—8 School Membership was created to meet the unique needs of elementary schools, middle schools, and K-8 combined schools.  Knowing teachers in these school have more than mathematics on their plate, a PreK-8 School Membership allows teachers to become full members of the NCTM community and enjoy the benefits of NCTM membership, including NCTM's school journals and access to ready-to-use lesson plans and activities, through a manageable school-based membership package.  

    What's Included in a PreK-8 School Membership

    For $160.00, your school receives:

    One FREE print journal subscription of:  


    Five FREE e-Memberships for teachers in your school

    NCTM e-membership (a $81 value!) enables each access to the digital edition of Teaching Children Mathematics or Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School.

    In addition, each also enjoys access to archived editions of the journals, classroom activities, and discounts on books and professional development opportunities.  

    Add more teachers for just $10 each.

    Join NCTM's community as a school by downloading and completing the following:
    PreK-8 School Membership Application

    *Please note that NCTM PreK-8 Memberships are for elementary, middle, and K-8 schools only.  School districts, high schools, universities and those interested in a subscription to Mathematics Teacher or Journal for Research in Mathematics Education are not eligible for a PreK—8 School Membership and may either sign up with an institutional subscription or may sign up their teachers for a full individual membership or e-membership.