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  • Why Is Change So Hard?
    As I meet math teachers across the country and present at various state meetings, they often come up to me after my session and tell me they agree with what I said (at least most of it), and tell me they are working hard to change their own practice or striving to modify those policies in their school that don’t promote equitable outcomes. 
    Make Your Voice Heard on the Budget!
    Today, the Trump Administration provided more details regarding their plans for the FY 2018 federal budget and the news we heard in March hasn’t gotten any better.
    Math Education Is STEM Education!

    What design principles would you include to ensure that an effective STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) program builds mathematics understanding? 

    But That Won’t Prepare Them for College!
    For perhaps the first time in our history there is clear and growing consensus concerning what constitutes effective mathematics instruction, kindergarten through college. The monolithic nature of college mathematics instruction, dominated by lecture and summative exams, is changing.

    White House Budget Ignores Needs of Classroom Teachers
    The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and its 60,000 members are disappointed that the budget proposal released by the White House last week falls short in its planned investments in education and research across the federal government.