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    Putting Essential Understanding into Practice: Statistics, 9-12

    By Terry Crites and Roy St. Laurent; Terry Crites, Volume Editor; Barbara J. Dougherty, Series Editor, Putting Essential Understanding into Practice Series Learn about the specialized pedagogical content knowledge that you need to teach statistics effectively in grades 9–12. The authors demonstrate how to use this knowledge to address the big ideas and essential understandings that students must develop for success with statistics—not only in their current work, but also in higher-level mathematics and a myriad of real-world contexts.

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    Mastering Basic Math Skills: Games for Third through Fifth Grade

    By Bonnie Adama Britt Fractions, decimals, integers … children in third through fifth grade encounter new types of numbers and new concepts, and need to develop new skills to meet these challenges. Can they also have fun? Absolutely! This collection of games for children in third through fifth grade proves it. Games are organized in each chapter from simplest to more advanced, and many have variations that change the rules of play or make it more challenging once the basic game is mastered. Math games keep children engaged while providing the enormous amounts of practice they need to learn new concepts and math facts. All the games are correlated to the Common Core State Standards.

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    Mathematics Lessons Learned from Across the World 7-12

    Edited by Johnny W. Lott and Carolyn J. Lott This book rounds out a pair of unusual activity books designed to heighten awareness of international perspectives on mathematical education. It features activities from around the world for students ages 13–18, whereas the companion book features activities for students ages 5–13. The activities are ordered by age level, and activity sheets are available for download in a classroom-ready format at NCTM’s More4U website.

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    Number and Operations, Part 2: Making Meaning for Operations Facilitators Package

    Deborah Schifter, Virginia Bastable, and Susan Jo Russell PLEASE NOTE: This product can only be purchased via NCTM's Online catalog. Non-web payment methods, such as POs, cannot be used to purchase this item. If you have questions, please call NCTM's Customer Service Department at 800-235-7566. NCTM does not accept returns on digital content purchases. All purchases are final. Making Meaning for Operations is the second module in the seven-part Developing Mathematical Ideas Series. It consists of a casebook (sold separately) and this online facilitator’s package that contains everything necessary to prepare for and lead the seminar, including access to the casebook content and classroom videos. Under the guidance of the facilitator, participants think through the meaning of each of the four operations on whole numbers, how they are related to each other, what kinds of situations they model, how each can be represented, and how these meanings must be extended and deepened to accommodate fractions.

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    Number and Operations, Part 1: Building A System of Tens Casebook

    The Building a System of Tens Casebook was developed as the key resource for participants’ Developing Mathematical Ideas seminar experience. The thirty cases, written by teachers describing real situations and actual student thinking in their classrooms, provide the basis of each session’s investigation of specific mathematical concepts and teaching strategies. Reading and discussing the cases under the guidance of the facilitator actively engages seminar participants in their own learning enterprise.

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