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    Putting Essential Understanding into Practice: Statistics, 9-12

    By Terry Crites and Roy St. Laurent; Terry Crites, Volume Editor; Barbara J. Dougherty, Series Editor, Putting Essential Understanding into Practice Series Learn about the specialized pedagogical content knowledge that you need to teach statistics effectively in grades 9–12. The authors demonstrate how to use this knowledge to address the big ideas and essential understandings that students must develop for success with statistics—not only in their current work, but also in higher-level mathematics and a myriad of real-world contexts.

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    Mastering Basic Math Skills: Games for Third through Fifth Grade

    By Bonnie Adama Britt Fractions, decimals, integers … children in third through fifth grade encounter new types of numbers and new concepts, and need to develop new skills to meet these challenges. Can they also have fun? Absolutely! This collection of games for children in third through fifth grade proves it. Games are organized in each chapter from simplest to more advanced, and many have variations that change the rules of play or make it more challenging once the basic game is mastered. Math games keep children engaged while providing the enormous amounts of practice they need to learn new concepts and math facts. All the games are correlated to the Common Core State Standards.

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    Mathematics Lessons Learned from Across the World 7-12

    Edited by Johnny W. Lott and Carolyn J. Lott This book rounds out a pair of unusual activity books designed to heighten awareness of international perspectives on mathematical education. It features activities from around the world for students ages 13–18, whereas the companion book features activities for students ages 5–13. The activities are ordered by age level, and activity sheets are available for download in a classroom-ready format at NCTM’s More4U website.

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    (ebook) Taking Action: Implementing Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices in Grades 9-12 (PDF Downloads)

    The book offers a coherent set of professional learning experiences designed to foster teachers’ understanding of the eight effective mathematics teaching practices and their ability to apply those practices in their own classrooms. The book examines in depth what each teaching practice would look like in a high school classroom, with narrative cases, classroom videos, and real student work, presenting a rich array of experiences that bring the practices to life.

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    Access and Equity: Promoting High-Quality Mathematics in Grades 6-8

    This book examines issues related to access, equity, and empowerment in middle school mathematics classrooms, focusing on diversity as a resource and addressing three critical and intertwined factors: teaching practices that build on students’ strengths of students; rigorous content that draws on students’ experiences; and fostering relationships with diverse students. Many chapters were written in collaboration between researchers and practitioners.

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