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Maintaining Affiliation with NCTM

 To maintain affiliation with NCTM, an Affiliate:

  1. Pays affiliation dues;
  2. Keeps NCTM informed of any changes in officers' names or addresses, terms, membership dues, and other essential Affiliate information;
  3. Has its president maintain current individual membership in NCTM throughout his/her term of office;
  4. Has its NCTM representative maintain current individual membership in NCTM throughout his/her term of office;
  5. Meets all consignment obligations;
  6. Files an annual report;
  7. Maintains an approved constitution and bylaws and submits copies of all amendments to NCTM Affiliate Services;
  8. Will make an effort to provide NCTM with a current list of members with names, addresses, and e-mail, where applicable, on an annual basis. Student Affiliates should also provide local and permanent addresses and expected graduation dates;
  9. Participates in the Delegate Assembly process;
  10. Promotes NCTM by informing Affiliate members about NCTM’s programs, conferences, and publications, and encourages membership in NCTM;
  11. Answers requests for information from NCTM promptly;
  12. Maintains year-round access to the Internet and e-mail for the president and NCTM representative;
  13. Maintains relationships with other Affiliates within the state, province or region as applicable;
  14. Participates or sends representatives to any organized assembly of NCTM when invited (e.g., Affiliate Leaders Conference);
  15. Provides ongoing support to Associate Affiliates and Student Affiliates within state, province or region as applicable (Partner Affiliates only).

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