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Emerging Issues Committee (EIC)

The Emerging Issues Committee explores and examines issues that emerge either from outside the Council or its leadership that impact the teaching and learning of mathematics. The committee identifies new or emerging issues that deserve greater attention.

Committee Charge

Emerging Issues Committee (EIC) is charged to:

  1. Continually scan the environment, update, and advise the NCTM leadership on important trends, emerging issues, or opportunities that warrant attention of the Council's President, Board, or membership within the context of the Council's strategic initiatives and Strategic Priorities.
  2. Promote and support initiatives for Board action that enhance the Council’s vision and policies related to NCTM’s Strategic Priorities.
  3. Recommend strategies and actions to support and communicate with teachers and other members of the educational community and the general public about critical issues related to mathematics education.
  4. Provide an opportunity for representatives of the policy, professional, governmental, and business communities to advise the Council on workforce issues and on perceptions among these communities of issues related to mathematics education and the Council.
  5. At least twice a year report to the Board of Directors, and regularly update a prioritized list of issues, opportunities, and suggested actions. 
  6. Prepare an annual budget and annual report for the Board of Directors.

Committee Members

Martin Gartzman - Member
Evanston, IL

Cathy J. Kinzer - Chair
Las Cruces, NM

Ken Krehbiel - Staff Liaison

Steven Rasmussen - Member
Berkeley, CA

Max Ray - Member
Philadelphia, PA

Eric E. Robinson - Member
Ithaca, NY

Marilyn E. Strutchens - Member
Auburn, AL

Jonathan A. Wray - Board Liaison
Marriottsville, MD