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Educational Materials Committee (EMC)

(New charge April 2001)

Advises the Board of Directors on matters dealing with the NCTM educational materials program.

Committee Charge

Educational Materials Committee (EMC) is charged to:

1. Advise the Board of Directors on Matters related to the NCTM educational materials program (i.e., all the educational materials that are listed for sale in the NCTM catalog that are not journals).

2. Keep the Board of Directors informed about materials in progress as well as ideas under consideration.

3. Develop a plan for a balanced educational materials program that serves the needs of members and other stakeholders while continuing to generate revenue for the Council.

4. Initiate and monitor the development of materials consistent with the plan within the constraints of the annual budget.

5. Ensure that all educational materials are appropriately reviewed.

6. Present to the Board of Directors each year an annual report that includes a list of educational materials planned for the year, including ideas under consieration; a budget for ongoing panels, writing groups and new panels; support for editors of readings; a meeting budget for EMC; and a contingency budget for possible copublication or purchasing.

7. Consult with the president to identify and appoint authors, editors, and panels. The President may request that EMC extend the invitation. In any case, the EMC, not the Board, will monitor the projects. (October 1981; July 1998; February 2001) 

Committee Members

Sarah Bush - Member
Floyds Knobs, IN

Joanne Hodges - Staff Liaison
Reston, VA

Rick Hudson - Chair
Evansville, IN

Tracey Hulen - Member
Burke, VA

Myrna Jacobs - Staff Liaison
Burke, VA

Jean A. Mariner - Member
Albuquerque, NM

Maggie B. McGatha - Member
Louisville, KY

Wade H. Sherard - Member
Greenville, SC

Rose Mary Zbiek - Board Liaison
University Park, PA