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Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School Editorial Panel (MTMS)

MTMS, an official journal of the NCTM, is a resource for middle school mathematics educators. Articles and departments in the journal focus on activities that help students develop a strong conceptual basis.

Committee Charge

Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School Editorial Panel (MTMS) is charged to:

1. Set the tone and direction for the journal by defining the scope, style, the general format and the balance of material, including the nature and number of sections and departments, and identifying priority topics.

2. Set the standards for acceptance and guidelines for publication of materials.

3. Select section and department editors and coordinators and define their duties and terms.

4. Define the process for the receipt, refereeing, acceptance, and publication of articles.

5. Approve the process for recruiting, engaging and evaluating referees.

6. Suggest strategies, including data collection, intended to make the journal more useful to its readers.

7. Work with the journal editor and editorial services staff to develop procedures for processing materials, maintaining records, and communicating with other NCTM staff concerned with the production of the journal, with other NCTM committees, and with other editorial panels.

8. Prepare an annual report for the Board of Directors, formulate a budget request for the editorial panel, and monitor the expenditures for the journal. (February 1994) 

Committee Members

Christine Avila - Member
Jerome, ID

Rebecca L. Damas - Member
New York, NY

Frederick Dillon - Member
Strongsville, OH

Anthony M A Fernandes - Member
Charlotte, NC

Robert M. Klein - Chair (2014-2015)
Athens, OH

Bob McDonald - Member
Tempe, AZ

Natasha M. Murray - Member
Westbury, NY

Jane Porath - Board Liaison
Charlevoix, MI

Vacant Position - Staff Liaison
Reston, VA

Terry Wyberg - Member
Lakeville, MN