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Professional Development Services Committee (PDSC)

Established to create a coherent and comprehensive set of Professional Development offerings that will meet the needs of teachers at all grade levels and at every stage of their professional careers.

Committee Charge

Professional Development Services Committee (PDSC) is charged to:

1. Plan and evaluate NCTM programs and experiences to ensure high quality professional development in mathematics for teachers, leaders, and school districts.

2. Oversee the professional development opportunities of the Council.

3. Investigate new and innovative ways of providing professional development for teachers, leaders, and school districts to include, but not limited to:

  • E-learning opportunities
  • Sustained, ongoing support of teachers' professional development using existing resources.
  • Credit hours or professional development hours for participation in NCTM experiences.

4. Periodically review and evaluate the guidelines for the planning and operation of conferences, including overseeing inclusion of significant mathematical content and presentation quality.

5. Provide liaison to the program committee of regional conferences and Annual meetings to ensure the coordination of the professional development plan.

6. Prepare an annual report for the Board of Directors, including budget.

Committee Members

Delise Andrews - Member
Lincoln, NE

Margaret (Peg) Cagle - Board Liaison
Nashville, TN

Mike Gould - Member
Colorado Springs, CO

William A. Jasper - Member
College Station, TX

Chonda Long - Staff Liaison
Reston, VA

Pat Milot - Chair
Niagara on the Lake, ON, Canada

Annemarie M. Newhouse - Member
Chagrin Falls, OH

Travis Olson - Member
Las Vegas, NV

Nikita D. Patterson - Member
Stone Mountain, GA

Nicole Rigelman - Member
Portland, OR