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Advertising Policies

The following general criteria should guide the management of advertisements in NCTM publications and online media:

The staff of the Member Services and Marketing Division shall be responsible for ascertaining the acceptability of advertisements and their placement throughout each publication/online media in accordance with sound mathematical principles and the guidelines adopted by the NCTM Board of Directors, Committees, and Management Staff.

  1. Advertisements should focus on marketing products and services that pertain to the teaching and learning of mathematics.
  2. Advertisers should not imply NCTM review or endorsement of their product/service. Those placing an advertisement must be able to verify their claims in writing.
  3. The design of all advertisements should be in harmony with the artistic appearance and technical level of the particular publication/online media. All mathematical representations should reflect sound mathematical principles.
  4. Advertising copy should be dignified and professional. Derogatory and inflammatory statements should be avoided, and all advertising copy should be nondiscriminatory with regard to national origin, gender, marital status, race, or creed.
  5. Advertising that elicits significant reader complaints will not be rerun until the complaints have been investigated and issues resolved.


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