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Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (JRME)

advertisingfor preschool through adult 

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Reaches Math Educators Involved in Research

Published 5 times a year: July, November, January, March, and May


Effective June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015 

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 November 2014    

August 6

September 12

 January 2015 

October 3   

November 14

 March 2015 

December 5   

January 16

 May 2015 

February 5

March 13

 July 2015 

April 3

May 8

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The JRME is devoted to the interests of teachers of mathematics and mathematics education at all levels—preschool through adult.

The JRME is a forum for disciplined inquiry into the teaching and learning of mathematics. The editors encourage the submission of a variety of manuscripts: reports of research, including experiments, case studies, surveys, philosophical studies, and historical studies; articles about research, including literature reviews and theoretical analyses; brief reports of research; critiques of articles and books; and brief commentaries on issues pertaining to research. An index for each volume appears in the November issue.

Your ad in the JRME will reach:

  • a unique audience of approximately 6,600 research-oriented math educators—those concerned with research on the teaching and learning of math;
  • college and university personnel—teachers of future math teachers.

For details, see Journal for Research in Mathematics Education.




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