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Headquarters Staff

Executive Director: Bob Doucette
Associate Executive Director for Business Services and Chief Operating Officer
: David M. Shayka
Associate Executive Director for Communications: Ken Krehbiel
Associate Executive Director for Finance and Administration: Scott van den Berg
Associate Executive Director for Research, Learning, and Development: David Barnes

Senior Director of Publications: Joanne Hodges

Director of Conference Services: Mark Workman
Director of Information Systems and Services: Richard Aldridge
Director of Professional Development: Chonda Long
Director of Research: Mike Fish

Senior Manager of Conference Services: Delilah Peyton
Senior Manager, Member Services: Michael Barbagallo

Accounting Manager: Jody Wolfe
Administrative Services Manager: James W. Richardson
Affiliate Services Manager: Mary Ferris

Journal Editors: Beth Skipper, Rick Anderson, Tara Slesar
Electronic Content Editor: Helen Vance
Online Projects Manager: Sarah DeLeeuw

Marketing Manager, Publications & Products: Martha Hawley-Bertsch
Marketing Manager, Conferences & Professional Development: Diana Snyder
Communications Manager: Tracy Withrow
Sales Manager, Advertising & Sponsorships: W. Thomas Pearson
Web Manager: Troy Whitbread


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