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Becoming an Affiliate

Request an Affiliation Application 

About NCTM Affiliates 

Categories of Affiliation, Dues, and Level Service (PDF)

Criteria for Affiliation (PDF)

What Happens After an Application for Affiliation Is Submitted 

Maintaining Your Affiliation (PDF)

Start a Student Affiliate 

Tips for Starting a Student Affiliate (PDF)

Request an affiliation application or contact NCTM Affiliate Services. Please specify if you are applying to become a Student Affiliate. An Affiliate Services Committee member from your region will be available to assist you with the application process.

FREE NCTM E-Membership Benefit to NCTM Student Affiliates  

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is proud to provide free NCTM Student e-Memberships to all active student members of an NCTM Student Affiliate. The NCTM Student E-Membership, a $42 value, includes:

  • Access to the digital edition of one of our award-winning school journals, 
  • Free admission to the regional conferences, 
  • Discounts on professional development publications and opportunities, and 
  • Tips, online tools, class-room ready activities, resources, and more. 

The faculty advisor of each NCTM Student Affiliate is contacted by NCTM Affiliate Services annually. NCTM provides a specific spreadsheet that the faculty advisor is asked to complete and submit to NCTM with a list of its NCTM Student Affiliate's active student members eligible to receive the free NCTM Student e-Memberships.

NCTM has more than 230 Affiliates throughout the U.S. and Canada, 23 of these organizations are Student Affiliates. For a list of all organizations affiliated with NCTM and information on how to join, please see the Affiliate Directory on the NCTM website.

Alternatives to Affiliation 

Leaders of organizations that advance mathematics education may wish not to affiliate with NCTM. There are two strong alternative support systems available to groups not affiliating with the Council:

  • Individual NCTM membership: Your organization can be well-connected with important mathematics education issues through individual membership in NCTM. Members receive NCTM journals and more.
  • Affiliation with state level/province level mathematics education organizations: Please contact your state/province organization for additional information.

Questions about affiliation or the free e-Membership benefit to Student Affiliates should be directed to:

NCTM Affiliate Services
1906 Association Drive
Reston, VA 20191-9988
703-620-9840, ext. 2104



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