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Research Presession Program


2012 Research Presession Program Book 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • April 23-25, 2012  


  • Reach up to 1,500 mathematics researchers by advertising in the Research Presession Program. Attendees refer to this program throughout the event, using it to plan their daily conference schedule. They take it home with them afterwards as a professional development and vendor resource book. This ensures your ad maximum exposure. Remember, the Research Presession Program allows you to reach a vital, engaged audience of mathematics researchers and decision-makers—all at the same time.


  • Ad space closing – January 20, 2012 
  • Ad materials closing – February 3, 2012 


  • Print Program delivered onsite—approximately 1,500 copies.
  • Online Program in PDF format with active advertising links—available 2 months before and after the meeting.


  • Rates below include a Web-linked, PDF version of the print ad on the NCTM Web site for four months.
  • Guaranteed position is 15% of total gross cost of the ad.
  • Cover positions are subject to availability and a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve space.

Cover 2 



Cover 3 



Cover 4 



Full Page (inside) 


$   800


  • All advertisers are subject to review and publisher’s advertising policies  
  • Advertiser assumes liability for all content (including text representation and illustrations) of material printed or distributed electronically, and also assumes responsibility for any claims arising there from.
  • Where change of copy is not received by closing date, material will be inserted as previously rendered. 


  • Page trim size: 6.0” wide by 9.0” deep
  • Printing: web offset. SWOP standards apply
  • Binding Method: perfect bound
  • Colors Available: Inside Pages—B&W (greyscale). Covers—4-color (CMYK)

MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS (in inches—width x depth) 

  • Page Trim Size =  6” x 9”. 
  • Full-page, non-bleed = 4.5” x 7.5”
  • Full-page, bleed = 6.25” x 9.25”

Special Instructions for B&W Ads 

    • All fonts must be embedded.
    • All artwork and type must be defined as black (no RGB or CMYK builds)

Preferred Ad Formats 

    • Press-ready, high resolution (300 dpi) PDF or EPS files exported from Acrobat,
    • 4-color ads must be submitted as CMYK; B &W ads in greyscale.


    • Each ad must be accompanied by a proof. Provide Matchprint, Chromalin, Iris, or suitable digital proof for color ads; Velox or laser proofs for black/white ads.
    • Publisher is not responsible for poor reproduction if ad and proof are not supplied to specifications.
    • Advertisers will be invoiced the additional cost for correcting files that do not meet specifications.

File transfer 

    • E-mail attachments to  
    • CDs may also be submitted by mail. Include a color proof of output, printout of contents, and be sure to label all disks with your company name, address, and production contact.

Sales Contacts  

  • For company names starting with A-D:

    Account Executive at The Townsend Group: Rachel Wolfe
    301-215-6710 ext 121 •  

  • For company names starting with E-Z:  

National Sales Manager at The Townsend Group: Kim Kelemen
301-215-6710 ext 103 •  

  • Mailing Address:

NCTM Sales Department
1906 Association Drive
Reston, VA 20291

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