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Candidates for the 2012 Election

NCTM members are currently in the process of electing the next president as well as four new board members to the NCTM Board of Directors. The NCTM Board sets the direction, establishes policy, and oversees the activities of the Council. The successful candidate for president will serve one year as president-elect (2013–2014), working closely with President Linda M. Gojak before assuming the full duties of president for a two-year term beginning in the spring of 2014. Board Directors serve three-year terms. All terms begin at the conclusion of the NCTM 2013 Annual Meeting and Exposition in April.
Individual NCTM members will be asked to vote for one president-elect and four candidates as follows: one candidate who is a elementary school teacher, one candidate from the Canadian Region, and two candidates at-large.  The election will be conducted exclusively online this year. If your individual membership is current as of August 10, 2012, you will be eligible to vote in this year’s election, which begins in September 2012. Find out more
The Nominations and Elections Committee is pleased to present the candidates for this year’s election:

Candidates for President-Elect (one will be elected)
Diane J. Briars, Mathematics Education Consultant, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Steven Leinwand, American Institutes for Research, Washington, D.C.
Candidates for Director, Elementary School (one will be elected)
Ruth Harbin Miles, Stafford School Division, Falmouth Elementary, Stafford, Virginia
Steve Klass, Park Dale Elementary School, Encinitas, California
Candidates for Director, Canadian Region (one will be elected)
Florence Glanfield, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Ron Lancaster, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada
Candidates for Director, At-Large (two will be elected)
Marta Civil, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Jane Porath, Traverse City Area Public Schools, Traverse City, Michigan
Trena L. Wilkerson, Baylor University, Waco, Texas
Rose Mary Zbiek, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania


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