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NCTM Board of Directors: Request for Feedback

At its February meeting, the NCTM Board of Directors approved a motion to change the date of the NCTM Annual Meeting from April to late June or July with the understanding that the year of implementation is uncertain because of existing contractual obligations. The rationale for the change is that a June or July meeting would permit more teachers to attend the annual meeting, which now conflicts with mandatory testing in April in many states.

NCTM Annual Meeting attendance has declined significantly in recent years, while participation at its regional conferences in the fall has continued to increase.  Annual Meeting attendees continue to comment favorably on the meeting, noting the high quality of the program while also citing the increasing demands to prepare for state testing at that time of year. In many cases, the Annual Meeting directly conflicts with state testing and result many teachers have not been permitted to attend. The timing of the meeting has worked against providing professional development for teachers, which is a fundamental part of NCTM’s mission is to support teachers by providing professional development, it became imperative to remove the barrier of timing for many who would like to attend the Annual Meeting.

In fall 2012, NCTM conducted a comprehensive market research study to evaluate all aspects of the annual meeting, including the dates. The survey was sent to a representative sampling of recent and past attendees, as well as individuals who have never attended an NCTM Annual Meeting. This sampling included classroom teachers, administrators, academia, students, and others, and was a mix of members and nonmembers. The survey confirmed that the current timing was not ideal for most regular and potential attendees, and that a move to the summer could allow for higher participation.

NCTM is asking its members to take a moment to complete a short one-question survey.  Participants are also invited to submit comments about the timing of the Annual Meeting.  Results will help the Council determine the best timing for the NCTM Annual Meeting. The survey will be open until March 15.

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