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Position Statements

NCTM position statements define a particular problem, issue, or need and describe its relevance to mathematics education. These statements address important and timely policy issues relevant to mathematics education. They rest on the foundation provided by Principles and Standards for School Mathematics and address issues that extend beyond the classroom. Each one defines the Council’s position or answers a question central to the issue. Position statements are approved by the NCTM Board of Directors.

Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (2000)
      Executive Summary of Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (PDF)

Curriculum Focal Points for Prekindergarten through Grade 8 (2006) 

Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making (2009)
      Executive Summary of Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making (PDF)


Achievement Gap  Closing the Opportunity Gap (February 2012)
Intervention (July 2011)
Assessment  Large-Scale Assessments and High-Stakes Decisions (February 2012) 
Formative Assessment (July 2013)
Calculus  Calculus (March 2012)
Common Core
State Standards
Supporting the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (August 2013)
Content  Algebra: What, When, and for Whom (September 2008)
The Metric System (March 2011)
Early Childhood  Mathematics in Early Childhood Learning (October 2013)
Elementary Mathematics
The Role of Elementary Mathematics Specialists (May 2010)
Equity  High Expectations (October 2011)
Teaching Mathematics to English Language Learners  (October 2013)
Equity in Mathematics Education (January 2008)
Research  Linking Mathematics Education Research and Practice
(July 2012)
Statistics  Preparing Pre-K–12 Teachers of Statistics (April 2013)
Teacher Quality  Teacher Evaluation (with references) (October 2011)
Teacher Evaluation (brief statement) (October 2011)
Teacher Mentorship (October 2013)
Teacher Shortage
and Retention
Mentoring New Teachers (September 2007)
Technology  Calculator Use in Elementary Grades (July 2011)
Technology in Teaching and Learning Mathematics
(October 2011)


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