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President's Messages: Francis (Skip) Fennell

NCTM News Bulletin, 2008

Teaching Mathematics—Challenges, Power, Influence, and Validation!, April 2008
My two years as NCTM’s president have been wonderful, exhilarating, challenging, frustrating, rewarding, and more. However, comments such as, "Please continue inspiring young future teachers," and, "You are a master teacher and I still try to emulate your passion," call me back. Why? Validation keeps us going.

Number Sense—Right Now!, March 2008
Once children begin their mathematics in school, a variety of mathematical experiences help develop a more formal sense of number. These experiences include, but are certainly not limited to, working with place value, composing and decomposing numbers, understanding how addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division work, acquiring basic facts, and developing fluency with whole-number operations.

What Algebra? When?, January/February 2008
At a time when maintaining our nation’s competitive edge means encouraging more students to consider math- or science-related majors and careers, should we address the challenge by moving more students into higher levels of mathematics earlier?

NCTM News Bulletin, 2007

Fractions Are Foundational, December 2007
Proficiency with fractions is an important foundation for learning more advanced mathematics. Fractions are a student's first introduction to abstraction in mathematics and, as such, provide the best introduction to algebra in the elementary and middle school years.

Are You Talkin' To Me?, November 2007 
Far too often decision makers are not “talkin’” directly to teachers or involving them in planning that will have an impact on their work. And frankly, this oversight—this disrespect—contributes to the departure of many mathematics teachers from the profession.

What’s So Special about Special Education? Everything!, October 2007 
Public schools across the United States and Canada serve more than 6 million youngsters with a variety of learning disabilities.

Take a Look at the Data!, September 2007 
Each year, NCTM focuses attention on one of the Principles, Content Standards, or Process Standards that are identified in Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. For the 2007–08 school year, the Focus of the Year (FOY) is Data Analysis and Probability.

No Child Left Behind: Challenges for ALL Teachers, July/August 2007 
Getting ready for the new school year should include planning that will help your students, school, and district meet the expectations set by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation.

Can You Hear Me Now?, May/June 2007 
The summer provides golden opportunities for educators to engage in articulation—communication about the mathematics that teachers teach and students learn within a school system.

For Principals ONLY!, April 2007
What are the secrets to success that effective principals know?

Focal Points—Where Are We, and What's Next?, March 2007
At present, NCTM's Board of Directors is considering the next big step for the Council and the Curriculum Focal Points.

I Was Never Good in Math, Either, January/February 2007
Students need to see indications from others, including their parents, siblings, and peers, that mathematics is important.

NCTM News Bulletin, 2006

Go Ahead, Teach to the Test!, December 2006
Assessment should not be done to students; rather, assessments are for students and should be used to guide and enhance their learning. And formative assessments, in particular, should be used every day to guide and monitor teaching and learning mathematics.

We Need Elementary School Mathematics Specialists NOW, November 2006
Now more than ever, teachers need support and schools are beginning to recognize the importance of the mathematics specialist.

Curriculum Focal Points: What's the Point?, October 2006 
Think seriously about the important mathematics that all children should learn deeply and well in prekindergarten through grade 8.

Representation—Show Me the Math!, September 2006 
Representation is NCTM’s Professional Development Focus of the Year (FOY) for 2006–2007.

It All Begins—Right Now!, July/August 2006
New teachers are setting up their classrooms as we speak.

Here Comes Summer—and Much, Much More, May/June 2006 
Summer break is on the horizon. Take time to recharge, reflect, and renew.

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