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President's Messages: Johnny Lott

A Professional Oath for Mathematics Teachers 

Just like doctors, educators can use a professional oath to highlight the goals and responsibilities that we pledge to fulfill. (News Bulletin,, April 2004)

Teachers Are Teaching! Students Are Learning! 

Johnny Lott shares some of the experiences and lessons he's learned while visiting classrooms across the United States and Canada. (News Bulletin,, March 2004)

'Calling Out' the Stalkers of Mathematics Education 

Despite the fact that measurable progress has been made in mathematics education during the past 15 years, critics continue to denegrate mathematics educators and obstruct the road toward continued progress. (News Bulletin, January/February 2004)

Students Are Being Mathematically Abused! 

The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) cites educational neglect as one form of child abuse. (News Bulletin, December 2003)

NCTM: Producing PEZ Dispensers or Bobbleheads? 

A report on the results of a survey commissioned to determine how NCTM is perceived by the news media, legislators, other associations, members, and others. (News Bulletin, November 2003)

What Should Secondary School Mathematics Teachers Know? 

Some suggestions for teacher preparation programs that hope to adequately equip secondary school mathematics educators. (News Bulletin, October 2003)  

What Do Teachers of Middle- Grades Mathematics Need? 

Teacher preparation programs can do more to adequately equip middle school educators to teach mathematics. (News Bulletin, September 2003)

The Time Has Come for Pre-K-5 Mathematics Specialists 

To achieve the nationwide mandate for higher-performing students, teachers of early grades are going to need more knowledge than the bachelor's degree and state certification that is required by No Child Left Behind legislation. Perhaps mathematics specialists are what elementary schools need now. (News Bulletin, July/August 2003)  

State of the Council on Mathematics Education 

Johnny Lott reports on how NCTM has addressed the strategic goals it set last year. (News Bulletin, May/June 2003)

Students, Families, Communities, and Mathematics Teachers 

Family and community members play an important part in students' lives and should be called on to reinforce what we teach them in our classrooms. (News Bulletin, April 2003)  

Why Should Education Courses for Certification Be Valued? 

Although, content-area courses are essential for prospective teachers, education-related courses are just as important. Let's consider the essential concepts that would be missed, if education-related courses were not required. (News Bulletin, March 2003)

NCTM and Democratic Principles 

In its long history, NCTM has rarely been politically engaged and has received criticism from allies and members for not making strong statements about issues that affect mathematics education. Is it time for a change? (News Bulletin, January/February 2003)

What We Stand For 

Six important points to know about the vision of mathematics education set forth in NCTM's Standards documents. (News Bulletin, December 2002)

How Are Your Math Students Doing? 

Critics would have mathematics educators believe that we are at a crossroads where we must choose between using new teaching methods or return to approaches used in the past, but there is data that proves we are right on track. (News Bulletin, November 2002) 

Supporting New Teachers 

There are steps we can take at the local level to keep new teachers in the profession and help alleviate the teacher shortage. (News Bulletin, October 2002)

It's Time to Work Together 

To make real improvements in mathematics education, discussions about reform should focus on areas where agreements already exist. (News Bulletin, September 2002)

A Static Mathematics Curriculum Is Unhealthy! 

To have an educated and mathematically literate populace in the future, mathematics curriculum must evolve. (News Bulletin, July/August 2002)  

NCTM: What Can the Next Two Years Bring? 

While implementing the Standards, NCTM must address other big issues in mathematics education. (News Bulletin, May/June 2002)