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President's Messages: Lee V. Stiff

NCTM Curricula 

Has the time come for NCTM to provide greater clarity of what Standards-based curricula might look like? (News Bulletin, April 2002)

Reclaiming Standards 

Once more, NCTM must lead the way by demonstrating that we can faithfully measure the Standards we believe students should master. (News Bulletin, March 2002)

Beliefs and Expectations 

What teachers think and believe about their students have consequences that are real. (News Bulletin, January/February 2002)

Status and the Status Quo - The Politics of Education 

NCTM's Standards documents recognize that successful mathematics education programs include the best of traditional and reform-based mathematics education. However, the political debate surrounding reform in mathematics education asks educators to choose between the two. (News Bulletin, December 2001) 

Where There's a Will, There's a Way 

The mathematics performance gaps between white students and their Hispanic and black counterparts are allowed to exist in the United States because there is no national will to eradicate them. (News Bulletin, November 2001)

Identifying Standards-Based Mathematics Materials 

Things to consider when looking for textbooks, mathematics programs, and other resources that will help you implement the Standards in your classroom. (News Bulletin, October 2001) 

We Owe It to Our Children 

The NAEP findings highlight the importance of staffing schools with properly prepared teachers of mathematics. (News Bulletin, September 2001)

Constructivist Mathematics and Unicorns 

Constructivist math is a term coined by critics of Standards-based mathematics who promote confusion about the relationships among content, pedagogy, and how students learn mathematics. (News Bulletin, July/August 2001)

Leave No Child Behind 

The differences in student performance in mathematics by ethnicity have been well documented. How is it, then, that academic differences between majority and minority students have persisted? (News Bulletin, May/June 2001)

Making Calculator Use Add Up 

A recent newspaper article critical of calculator use reported that calculators harm students' ability to learn mathematics. (News Bulletin, April 2001)

An Educational Crash Diet 

Weighing ourselves repeatedly and crash dieting don't really achieve the long-term results we want, as many of us have learned the hard way. (News Bulletin, March 2001)

Multiple Paths to Success 

Principles and Standards for School Mathematics is a vision, a guide, a tool, and focal point of discussion. It is not a state, national, or international curriculum. (News Bulletin, January 2001)

Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity 

The numbers aren't adding up. Too many mathematics classes, too few well-prepared mathematics teachers--this is the situation facing both the United States and Canada. (News Bulletin, December 2000)

Learning Our Lessons 

When was the last time you fully planned a lesson and shared it with others for feedback? For many of us, detailed, written-out lesson plans often fall by the wayside as we juggle numerous other duties and responsibilities throughout the school day and school year. (News Bulletin, November 2000)

Preparing to Teach Young Children 

We have refined the ways we prepare children to understand and use mathematics. Principles and Standards for School Mathematics urges us to start building the foundations of mathematics success even before students enter kindergarten. (News Bulletin, October 2000)

Partnerships across Borders 

NCTM is the premier mathematics education organization in North America. Our membership includes a significant number of Canadian members, and we hold regional conferences and other meetings in Canada each year. But what about our other North American neighbor, Mexico? (News Bulletin, September 2000)

Spread the Word 

A good starting point is NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, one of our latest initiatives for promoting high-quality mathematics for all the children of Canada and the United States. (News Bulletin, July/August 2000)