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President's Messages: Glenda Lappan

We Have Our Principles and Standards: What Now? 

It gives us an invaluable opportunity to reinvigorate our efforts to make a difference for all children in the United States and Canada. (News Bulletin, April 2000)

Educating Young Children in Mathematics 

As we move closer to the release of NCTM's updated Standards document, Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, it's time to think about how the document can help us improve our practices and programs. (News Bulletin, March 2000)

Accommodating Students' Differences 

Ensure that our mathematics programs are built on the rock solid commitment to excellence and to providing support for students to learn. (News Bulletin, February 2000)

The Language of Mathematics: The Meaning and Use of Variable 

In learning to understand how both to communicate in, and to decipher the language of, mathematics, students have to determine meaning from contextual use. (News Bulletin, January 2000)

Geometry: The Forgotten Strand 

As children grow, they encounter two-dimensional representations--"pictures"--of familiar three-dimensional objects. (News Bulletin, December 1999)

Knowing What We Teach and Teaching What We Know 

Every day in every mathematics classrooms around the world, teachers of mathematics work hard to help students learn. (News Bulletin, November 1999)

Teachers for a New Millennium 

We need teachers. Two million of them by 2005, according to the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics. (News Bulletin, October 1999)

Fostering a Good Mathematical Disposition 

Every September, we return to school with a feeling of renewal, hope, and anticipation. (News Bulletin, September 1999) 

Let's Rein In the Rhetoric and Find the Meaning: Part II 

I want to look at the complex interaction of responsibilities and ways we can move forward from here. (News Bulletin, July/August 1999)

Let's Rein In the Rhetoric and Find the Meaning: Part I 

Not long ago, the selection of a mathematics textbook was such a sleepy event that no one but the teachers noticed. (News Bulletin, May/June 1999)

High-Quality Teachers or High-Quality Teaching? 

The cry for "high-quality teachers" is heard across the land. A more appropriate cry would be for "high-quality teaching." (News Bulletin, April 1999)

'Mathematics for All' Must Include High-Ability and Highly Motivated Students 

The dilemma is how to make available in mathematics opportunities that encourage such advanced pursuits of excellence without creating programs that deny other students access to high-quality mathematics. (News Bulletin, March 1999)

Mathematics and the Workplace 

We have arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. (News Bulletin, February 1999)

Views from the Classroom 

One bonus of being president of NCTM is getting to visit classrooms in the United States and Canada. (News Bulletin, January 1999)

What Are Standards? 

Many different stances are taken about what standards for school mathematics should entail. (News Bulletin, December 1998)

Teachers Examining Teaching 

One of the central components of a good mathematics program is good curriculum materials for the students. (News Bulletin, November 1998)

Reflections on Curriculum Change 

As we engage in a year of dialogue about the Standards 2000 project, it seems fitting to ask what we have learned from a decade of efforts to improve a crucial component of mathematics schooling--the curriculum. (News Bulletin, October 1998)

Standards 2000: Be a Part of the Process 

Over the past three years, we have gathered information to help us update the NCTM Standards documents. (News Bulletin, September 1998)

Texts and Teachers: Keys to Improved Mathematics Learning 

As the school year ends, we are often relieved that we have a chance to reflect, plan, revitalize our minds, and renew our commitment to teaching. (News Bulletin, July/August 1998)  

Inclusiveness and Understanding: Twin Commitments 

What is the reform of mathematics teaching and learning guided by NCTM’s Standards all about? (News Bulletin, May/June 1998)

New President Committed to Standards, Involving Parents 

Lappan knows she takes the helm of the Council at a crucial time and sees the current project to update the Standards for the year 2000 as a centerpiece of her work. (News Bulletin, April 1998)