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NCTM Affiliate Recognition of Outstanding Publications

The Affiliate Services Committee wishes to recognize the outstanding work of NCTM Affiliates in producing excellent journals (a peer-reviewed periodical in which scholarship relating to mathematics education is published) and newsletters (a publication containing news or information of interest to members of its organization) to keep their membership informed. These publications should keep their membership apprised of the latest happenings in mathematics education, provide great ideas for improving the teaching and learning of mathematics, and provide networking opportunities for members.

Eligible Affiliates: Any Affiliate in good standing at the time of submission and who has not won either publication award within the last five years.


  • Publication must be at least twice a year 
  • Publication may be either print and/or on-line
  • Publication must have a record of at least two years of consistent publication
  • Signature of both the Editor and President must be present


  • 3 and only 3 issues of the same publication
    • From at least 2 different academic years
    • No older than 3 years
    • Hard or electronic copy 

Judging will be based on 

  • Content
  • Accessibility
  • Relevance

 Winning Affiliate will receive:  

  • Recognition at Delegates’ Assembly           
  • One free registration at next NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition for the editor

Download and summit your application by November 1, 2013: 
 2013–2014 Publication Guidelines, Application, Newsletter Scoring Rubric, and Journal Scoring Rubric (PDF)  

2013 Publication Awards 

 2013 Publication Award ATM of Philadelphia and Vicinity (PA) 

Association of Teachers of Mathematics of Philadelphia and Vicinity (Pennsylvania)
Publication: ATMOPAV Newsletter
Editor: Lynn Hughes, Editor
(L to R) Linda Gojak and Lynn Hughes 

  Publication Award Wisconsin Math Council 

Wisconsin Mathematics Council, Inc.
Publication: Wisconsin Teachers of Mathematics (Journal)
Editor: Jennifer Kosiak
(L to R) Linda Gojak, David Ebert, and Diana Kasbaum 

Publication Award past winners: 

Affiliate: Louisiana Association of Teachers of Mathematics
Publication: The Number Line (Newsletter)
Editor: Carolyn Sessions

Affiliate: Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Publication: Ohio Journal of School Mathematics
Editor: Michael Todd Edwards

Affiliate: Arkansas Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Publication: ACTM Newsletter
Editor: Susan Creekmore 

Affiliate: Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Publication: The Oregon Mathematics Teacher (TOMT) (Journal)
Co-Editor: Jacqueline Cooke and Cathy Bernhard 


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