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    Welcome to another successful school year providing high-quality math instruction for each and every student in your classroom! Whether you embarked on the first day of class already or the new school year is still around the corner, we want you to be ready! Check out these NCTM resources to get you prepared.

    Tips for Teachers

    Classroom Resources - Activities with Rigor and Coherence

    Featured Books

    Peruse these books to improve your teaching and recharge before school starts. Whether you teach at the elementary-, middle-, or high school level, these featured publications will provide you new ideas to implement into your instruction when you return to your classroom.

    Special Products

    A new school year brings new students and fresh perspectives. What better time to get new resources to help your students enjoy learning math? The NCTM Store is a great place to start. NCTM members—be sure to take advantage of your 15% off discount!

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    Get Inspired!

    Rev up for the new school year by watching these inspiring NCTM Shadow Con speaker series webcasts.

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    Interested in more speaker videos? Watch some of the 2016 NCTM Annual Meeting presentations.

    Teacher Voices

    Have a few extra minutes? These blog posts written by your peers and curated by the editors of Teaching Children Mathematics (TCM), Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School (MTMS), and Mathematics Teacher (MT) are a great resource to get you thinking about your classroom instruction at the start of the year.

    Teaching Children Mathematics

    13 Rules That Expire by Karen S. Karp, Sarah B. Bush, and Barbara J. Dougherty

    Addition and Subtraction Fluency through Games by Jennifer Bay-Williams and Gina Kling

    Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School

    Get Them Talking . . . about Math by Matt Kitchen

    12 Math Rules That Expire in the Middle Grades by Karen S. Karp, Sarah B. Bush, and Barbara J. Dougherty

    What Knowledge Do You Need to Plan a Unit? by David Wees

    Making Sense with Fermi Problems by Alessandra King

    Math Forum: Problems of the Week

    Get your weekly dose of math problems and puzzles from the Math Forum. You will also find more math resources and tools, as well as a Math Forum: Problems of the Week Blog, furthering discussion.

    Principles to Actions Toolkit

    Brain Teasers

    Want quick ideas for great back-to-school icebreaker classroom activities? We've got you covered. Challenge your new students and mathematics enthusiasts alike with these staff-picked puzzles. In need of more? Browse the entire Illuminations library and discover what's in store in this amazing resource.

    Room Seats

    If 18 students occupy 3/5 of the seats in the classroom, how many students would occupy 2/3 of the seats in the room?

    A Spiral

    A figure resembling a spiral is shown with 35 matches. Move 4 matches to form 3 squares.

    How Many Routes?

    In our Mathematics Circle we diagrammed 16 blocks of our city. How many different routes can we draw from A to C moving only upward and to the right?

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