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What is MOTO?

MOTO stands for Math of Tomorrow, NCTM’s newest digital series. It encompasses a Response to Intervention series of interactive digital books that are designed to engage students in a dynamic learning experience.

  • Are there MOTO books for higher grades?

    Not at this time. They are under development, but we hope to have RtI material for k-12 within the next couple of years.
  • How do I purchase a book for my iPad?

    Go to the iTunes store and type in one of the book titles, for example, Everybody Counts. From there, you will be guided through the purchasing process.
  • How do I purchase a book for my Kindle Fire?

          Go to the Amazon or Kindle Fire app store.

  • Can I use the books on my smartphone?

You can purchase an Android app from Google Play. You can also access the books via your web browser from However, please be aware that the material will appear very small on your phone.

  • How do I purchase a book for my Android tablet?

          Go to the Google Play Store and search under the category “Apps”

  • I don’t have a tablet device. Can I still buy a book?

          Yes. You can access the books on your computer or Mac by visiting

  • Why do I need Teacher Connect?

Teacher Connect allows teachers to see the work students have saved on their iPads or computers and gives them the opportunity to comment on that work. Teacher Connect also houses additional information your students to save their work and allows you to see and comment on what they’ve done.

  • What does a teacher code do?

A teacher code allows you to see a wealth of teacher support material within the digital publication itself. After you have entered a teacher code, click on the Note Pad at the bottom left of each page to gain access to page specific teaching tips and strategies.

  • Do I need a teacher code for each book?

    If you want access to the teacher material in each book – then you need an individual teacher code for that book, which are available on Teacher Connect.
  • What are student codes?

Student codes allow student work to be saved and uploaded to a website where it can be viewed and commented on by the teacher. Student codes also allow data to be saved for individual students, which means the same iPad or tablet can be used by multiple students as long as each has his/her own code.

  • How do I buy multiple student codes for a book?

          Through Teacher Connect,

  • Do I need a student code for each book?

If you have purchased the app or iPad book, you don’t need a teacher code or a student code to view it. However, without a code, no work is saved or uploaded to the website for viewing.

  • Can I use Teacher Connect without buying student codes?

          Yes. You’ll still get the CCSSM correlations and all the extra student materials and answer keys.

  • I lost my student codes. What do I do? 

You will be able to see all the student codes you purchased on the website page where you first assigned them to your students (in Teacher Connect). You also received an email with the codes listed when you first purchased them.

  • I lost my teacher codes for all my books. What do I do? 

          You will be able to see all the teacher codes you purchased on the Teacher Connect website.

  • My teacher code is not working. What do I do?

    First, be sure you are entering the code properly. Then contact NCTM customer service by email,, or call 800-235-7566, Mon-Fri, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • Can I buy student codes for my entire elementary school using a PO?

          Yes. Contact NCTM customer service.

  • How do I load the iPads for every student? Do I have to load every book onto every iPad or is there a way to do them all at once?

    Each book needs to be loaded separately. However, once books are loaded, different students can access the same book by using their individual codes.

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