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Course Pack Submission

To submit a course pack request, complete the form below or email your request to

Please be diligent in filling out the form below as it will be used to uniquely identify the course pack that students will purchase from the NCTM catalog. You can list your NCTM articles as you would bibliographic information. If you can include URLs for each article that would help expedite the process and ensure we have the correct article.

Once you submit the form, we will have your course pack compiled within 5 business days and return it to you for review. (At this point, however, you won’t be able to make changes unless the course pack does not match your original list.) You will also receive an email telling you that the course pack is ready for your students to purchase. Please limit your course pack submissions to approximately 25 articles. All articles submitted must have been published after January 1999. If you need an article published pre-1999, please email your request to NCTM directly at

NCTM reserves the right to set pricing for each submission. Course packs may not be reproduced beyond the original purchase download.


1-10 articles


 Note: For course packs of more than 25 articles, please split them into two separate course packs.    

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