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Showcasing Mathematics for the Young Child: Activities for Three-, Four-, and Five-Year-Olds

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Stock # 12662
ISBN # 978-0-87353-555-7
Published 1/1/2004
Pages 192
Grades _Pre-K-2,

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Product Description

By Juanita Copley

Edited by Juanita V. Copley

Written for all teachers of young children, this book illustrates activities that promote early mathematics development for children ages three to five and "showcases" mathematics for the young child. The thirty-five activities in this book are distributed into five content areas: number and operations, geometry, algebra, measurement, and data analysis. The content areas are connected by a continuing story, "Hanny the Honey Bear Discovers the World of Mathematics in the Big Zoo." Teachers can use this book to help themselves teach mathematics, learn mathematics, and most important, "listen to children think!"

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