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Teachers Engaged in Research PreK-2

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ISBN # 978-1-59311-495-4
Published 4/1/2006
Pages 236
Grades _Pre-K-2, Higher Education,

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As elementary classrooms become more student-focused, with teachers understanding and responding to children’s mathematical thinking and problem-solving strategies, the work of teaching mathematics becomes more inquiry based. Teacher-as-researcher becomes a natural extension of what defines a professional teacher. The authors in this volume describe instructional practices or raise issues that have the potential to broaden readers’ views of teaching and learning mathematics.

Classroom research is often used to back up theories and create and implement curriculum, but how well is the research process understood? this series, published in cooperation with information age publishing, inc., sheds light on the processes of classroom research, with teachers’ accounts that capture the complexity and multi-faceted nature of teaching. with rich examples, the teacher researchers in these books demonstrate how they came to understand their students’ reasoning processes and thus learned to intervene more adeptly with the right question, the right comment, a new problem, or silent acknowledgement and support. the series showcases a variety of ways teachers can become engaged in research.

Published in cooperation with Information Age Publishing, Inc.
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