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Mathematics Teaching Today: Improving Practice, Improving Student Learning!

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ISBN # 978-0-87353-598-4
Published 6/20/2007
Pages 208
Grades _Pre-K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12,

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Product Description

Mathematics Teaching Today: Improving Practice, Improving Student Learning, Second Edition, updates the NCTM groundbreaking publication Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics, first published in 1991. Like the original, this updated volume articulates a vision for effective mathematics teaching and describes the support systems that are required to achieve that vision. This book delineates Standards for various aspects of the teaching profession, including teachers' practice, professional supervision, collegial interaction, and career-long professional growth. However, more than curriculum standards documents are needed to improve student learning and achievement. Teaching matters. Therefore, exploring what goes on in mathematics classrooms is essential to identifying issues and looking for opportunities for improvement. Principles and Standards for School Mathematics provides a framework for professional practice that supports the NCTM's vision of more and better mathematics for all children. This book expounds on that framework, explicating the roles of teachers, supervisors, teacher educators, mathematicians, professional developers, parents, politicians, community members, and others in improving the teaching and learning of mathematics. The Standards offer a vision for high-quality mathematics teaching and support structures for teachers. What matters in the long run, however, is how classrooms across North America are transformed and how teaching practices evolve to address the mathematical learning needs of children.


Reader Review


"The purpose of this book is to present a vision of how mathematics needs to be taught so that students can succeed in today's world. It also supports the assertion that educators, parents, the community, businesses, and government need to work together to both support our children and provide the education necessary so students can succeed. Mathematics Teaching Today also emphasizes the importance of professional growth, which should be a career-long endeavor. Vignettes of both teachers and supervisors are sprinkled throughout the book. The final chapter contains sets of reflective questions.


This book would be helpful to mathematics teachers of all grade levels as well as supervisors of mathematics. The reflective questions at the end would make this a good choice for a book study.


Definite strengths include the materials and how they are developed. The content will help teachers take another look at their teaching and how it can be improved.


I would certainly use this book to improve my instruction in the classroom. I recommend it to mathematics teachers who would like to analyze the effectiveness of instruction in today's world."


-- Sandra Lumpkin, Taylor High School

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