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Research on Technology and the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics: Vol. 1, Research Syntheses

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ISBN # 978-1-931576-18-5
Published 7/29/2008
Pages 434
Grades Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Higher Education,

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Product Description

Edited by M. Kathleen Heid and Glendon W. Blume

This volume provides insight into what research suggests about the nature of mathematics learning in technological environments. Included are syntheses of research on technology in the learning of rational number, algebra, elementary and secondary geometry, mathematical modeling, and calculus. Instead of simply reporting achievement scores of students who use technology in their learning, authors provide thoughtful analyses of bodies of research with the goal of understanding the ways in which technology affects what and how students learn. Two additional chapters in this volume situate research in settings that cut across mathematics content areas. One chapter on teachers and teaching analyzes research in light of a framework for the process of incorporating mathematics technology in classroom practice. The other chapter provides an in-depth look at equity and the use of educational technology in mathematcis. Each of the chapters in this volume is written by a team of experts whose own research has provided important guidance to the field.

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