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Navigating through Problem Solving and Reasoning Grade 6 (with CD-ROM)

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Stock # 13241
ISBN # 978-0-87353-607-3
Published 3/24/2009
Pages 126
Grades Grades 6-8,

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Product Description

By Denisse R. Thompson, Michael T. Battista, Sally Mayberry, Karol L. Yeatts, and Judith S. Zawojewski

Problem solving and reasoning are students' processes of actively applying what they know to new problems from diverse areas of mathematics. Knowing a variety of mathematical ideas is insufficient unless students can draw on, integrate, and use them to solve challenging, complex problems.

The Navigating through Problem Solving and Reasoning books for grades 3-6 present hands-on investigations that nurture reasoning and problem-solving strategies in each of the upper elementary grades. In lively and challenging investigations for grade 6, students have opportunities to reason about parts of a whole, analyze patterns of growth, discover area formulas for familiar shapes, explore scale factors and similar figures, and analyze a set of data to solve a real-world problem: how to arrange competitors in teams for an athletic festival. Students apply mathematical ideas from the five main content areas -- number, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis. As they work, they infer, generalize, reason by analogy, recognize relationships, and make representations, and they also predict, check, and revise and verify their results.

Includes a supplemental CD-ROM that features applets for students' use and resources for teachers' professional development.

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