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Everybody Counts: Learning Numbers with the MOTO Family

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Stock # 14736
ISBN # 978-0-87353-752-0
Published 5/1/2013
Pages 119
Grades _Pre-K-2,

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Product Description

By Barbara Dougherty, Amy Lingo, Lynn Columba

Everybody Counts: Learning Numbers with the MOTO Family is one book in NCTM’s Math of Tomorrow (MOTO) Response to Intervention series of interactive, digital books, which are designed to engage students in a dynamic learning experience.

Each chapter in Everybody Counts:
  • Chapter 1: Learing Numbers
  • Chapter 2:Building and Breaking Apart Numbers
  • Chapter 3: Comparing Numbers
is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The content was developed to help children explore quantities, learn numbers symbols, compare numbers, and skip count. The technological innovation for Everybody Counts: Learning Numbers with the MOTO Family far exceeds any digital publication on the market and includes:
  • instructional animated video segments featuring the MOTO family -- four engaging characters that portray computational math symbols,
  • dozens of interactive learning opportunities,
  • digital manipulatives and games,
  • a specifically developed writing/drawing tool to allow students to complete interactive tasks and show their progress, and
  • Teacher Notes on every page that guide teachers on how to get the most of each page and task, technology that allows students to practice key skills, put answers directly on the page, and get instant teacher feedback.

  • Click here for more information on all that the MOTO series has to offer!

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