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Mathematics for Equity: A Framework for Successful Practice

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ISBN # 978-0-8077-5541-9
Pages 288
Grades _Pre-K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12, Higher Education,

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By Na'ilah Nasir, Carlos Cabana, Barbara Shreve, Estelle Woodbury, Nicole Louie

“Mathematics for Equity provides a kaleidoscopic view, in the voices of teachers, researchers, and students themselves, of one of the nation’s most ambitious and successful attempts at teaching mathematics for equity. It shows what it takes to create a climate that supports students and teachers in engaging in meaningful mathematical activity—and, alas, how vulnerable such environments are to the wrong kinds of ‘accountability.’ Read it and learn.” —Alan H. Schoenfeld, University of California at Berkeley

“Want to fix what's wrong with mathematics instruction in your school? Read this book with your colleagues and do what it inspires you to do. Written by the brave teachers and former students who did it, as well as researchers.” —Phil Daro, writing team, Common Core Standards, Strategic Education Research Partnership

In this book, nationally renowned scholars join classroom teachers to share equity-oriented approaches that have been successful with urban high school mathematics students. Compiling for the first time major research findings and practitioner experiences from Railside High School, the volume describes the evolution of a fundamentally different conception of learners and teaching. The chapters bring together research and reflection on teacher collaboration and professional community, student outcomes and mathematics classroom culture, reform curricula and pedagogy, and ongoing teacher development.

Mathematics for Equity will be invaluable reading for teachers, schools, and districts interested in maintaining a focus on equity and improving student learning while making sense of the new demands of the Common Core State Standards.

Book Features:

  • Core principles of an equity-centered mathematics program.
  • Examples of how to focus and organize the collaborative work of a math department to develop a shared pedagogy.
  • Student experiences with an equity pedagogy that focuses on building perseverance, flexibility in thinking, and deep conceptual understanding.
  • Connections between reconceptualizing learners and teaching, and achieving deep mathematics learning and equitable outcomes.

  • Contributors include: Jo Boaler, Ilana Seidel Horn, Judith Warren Little, and Rachel Lotan.

    Na’ilah Suad Nasir is the H. Michael and Jeanne Williams Chair of African American Studies, and holds the Birgeneau Chair in Educational Disparities in the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley. Carlos Cabana spent his first 20 years of teaching at Railside High School where he also served as co-chair of the mathematics department. Barbara Shreve spent 10 years teaching mathematics at Railside and currently works as a math specialist in the Oakland Unified School District. Estelle Woodbury spent 8 years teaching mathematics at Railside and currently works as a math specialist in the Oakland Unified School District. Nicole Louie studies mathematics teaching and learning at the University of California, Berkeley.

    Copublished with Teachers College Press

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