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Mission Mathematics

NASA and NCTM jointly developed the Mission Mathematics series to link the science of aeronautics with the Principles and Standards for all aspects of mathematics education. The activities in this book focus on actively engaging students in NCTMs Process Standards, translating the work of engineers and scientists at NASA into language and experiences appropriate for students. The materials emphasize thematic modules, discourse, assessment, forming student teams, and mathematical content, as well as including resource pages for students, selected solutions, and teacher notes.
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Mission Mathematics II: Grades 3–5 (with CD-ROM)Grades 3-5,$11.00
Mission Mathematics II: Grades 6–8Grades 6-8,$35.95
Mission Mathematics II: Grades 9–12Grades 9-12,$35.95
Mission Mathematics II: Prekindergarten–Grade 2 (with CD-ROM)_Pre-K-2,$11.00