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JRME Monographs

NCTM publishes the JRME Monographs as a supplement to the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education; monographs have a single theme related to the learning or teaching of mathematics.
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 ProductGradeList Price 
A Study of Teaching: Multiple Lenses, Multiple Views, JRME Monograph #14 (with CD-ROM)All Grades$32.95
Constructivist Views on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics, JRME Monograph #4_Pre-K-2,Grades 3-5,Grades 6-8,Grades 9-12,$17.95
Everyday and Academic Mathematics in the Classroom, JRME Monograph #11_Pre-K-2,Grades 3-5,Grades 6-8,$14.95
Logo and Geometry, JRME Monograph #10_Pre-K-2,Grades 3-5,Grades 6-8,$9.95
Medium and Meaning: Video Papers in Mathematics Education Research, JRME Monograph #13 (CD-ROM)Higher Education,$25.95
Supporting Students' Development of Measuring Conceptions: Analyzing Students' learning in Social Context, JRME Monograph #12_Pre-K-2,Grades 3-5,Grades 6-8,Grades 9-12,Higher Education,$14.95