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"Beginning Algebra: Teaching Key Concepts" (focus 11/13 MT)Grades 9-12,Higher Education,$13.95
"Flexible Thinking" (focus 11/12 MT)Grades 9-12,Higher Education,$13.95
"Learning and Teaching Mathematics with Technology" (focus 11/10 MT)Grades 9-12,Higher Education,$12.95
"Mathematics in a STEM Context" (focus 2/13 MTMS)Grades 6-8,$13.95
"Rational Number Sense" (focus 2/14 MTMS)Grades 6-8,$13.95
"Technology in Middle School Mathematics" (focus 4/10 MTMS)Grades 6-8,$12.95
"The Value of Why" (focus 10/11 TCM )Grades 3-5,$12.95
(eBook) Focus in High School: Technology to Support Reasoning and Sense Making (PDF)Grades 9-12,$23.06
“Differentiation” (focus 10/12 TCM)_Pre-K-2,Grades 3-5,Grades 6-8,Higher Education,$13.95
Assessment Standards for Teaching Mathematics_Pre-K-2,Grades 3-5,Grades 6-8,Grades 9-12,Higher Education,$36.95
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