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Research Clips and Briefs

NCTM's Research Clips and Briefs are research-based responses to questions of practice.  

  • Clips are short and provide only the findings.
  • Briefs include more information and list related research.

Send questions or topics related to classroom practice that you would like to see addressed. Research Clips and Briefs are designed to closely connect to practitioner needs.

Algebra (April 2014)    
  Algebraic Thinking in Arithmetic Clip   Brief 
  Algebraic Reasoning in School Algebra Clip  Brief 
Curriculum (September 2007)     
  Selecting the Right Curriculum    Brief  
  Producing Gains Clip    
 Discussion (January 2013)     
  Benefits of Discussion Clip  Brief  
  Strategies for Discussion Clip   Brief 
Effective Instruction (March 2007) Clip  Brief  
Equity-Based Mathematics Teaching (August 2014)  Clip  Brief 
Formative Assessment (June 2007)    
  What Is It? Clip   
  Key Strategies Clip  Brief 
  Brief   Brief 
Homework (March 2008)    
  History   Brief 
  Effective Assignments   Brief 
  What Research Says Clip  Brief 
Mathematics Specialists & Coaches (March 2009) Clip  Brief 
Parents (December 2010)   Brief  
Problem Solving (April 2010)   Brief  
Professional Development (November 2010) Clip   Brief 
Ratio & Proportion (March 2013) Clip   Brief  
Student Learning      
  English Language Learners Clip 3  Brief  
  Variability Clip  Brief 
  Statistics Clip  Brief 
Students with Difficulties (May 2007)    
  Effective Strategies Clip  Brief 
  Characteristics of Students Clip  Brief 
Technology (September 2011)    
  Calculators   Brief 
  Video Games and the Mathematics Classroom Clip  Brief 
Using Data (November 2010)   Brief 
  Schools Using Data Clip   
  Teachers Using Data Clip   
What Can We Learn from Research?  (March 2008)   Brief 



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Additional information is available about the development of the Clips and Briefs and NCTM's linking research and practice initiative.

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