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Joker Signs Books for Fans

F2010_MathJokes_VennebushPatrick-200wFriday afternoon at the NCTM Bookstore, author Patrick Vennebush could be found signing copies of his just-released Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks. Intended for all math types, this is a book that every teacher from elementary school through college should have in their library.

But the humor isn't just for the classroom—it will also appeal to engineers, statisticians, and other math professionals searching for some good, clean, numerical fun. From basic facts ("Why is 6 afraid of 7?") to trigonometry ("Mathematical puns are the first sine of dementia") and beyond, no topic is safe.

"Math Jokes 4 Math Folks is an absolute gem for anyone dedicated to seeing mathematical ideas through puns, double meanings, and blatant 'bad' jokes,” said math educator and former NCTM executive director Jim Rubillo, who is fond of telling some 'bad' math jokes himself.

As Vennebush's fans waited in line, they shared some of their own math jokes.

Jeanine Kersch from Wilmington, Delaware asked “What does a mermaid wear? –An algae-bra. What does a little mermaid wear? A pre-algae-bra.” She also offered “A rubber band gun was confiscated from a classroom as a weapon of math destruction.”

“What did the 0 say to the 8?" asked Renee Farrell from El Carjon, California. "Nice Belt!”



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