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Letters of Invitation for NCTM Events

Individuals traveling from outside of the United States to attend an NCTM event may request a Letter of Invitation to the event. The letter may be used to support an individual’s request for organizational or governmental clearance to attend the event.

Individuals requesting a Letter of Invitation to an NCTM event must be fully registered - including payment in full - for the NCTM event for which they are requesting an invitation. If you need to register, please visit Individuals do not have to be a member of NCTM to request a Letter of Invitation.

A Letter of Invitation issued by NCTM will:

  • Be addressed directly to the individual requesting the invitation
  • Include the name, date, and location of the NCTM event
  • Indicate the individual’s responsibility for all expenses related to his/her participation in the NCTM event (including registration, travel and accommodations)
  • Be signed by an authorized NCTM Representative

All letters of invitation will be sent via email. If you require a printed letter, please contact Additional fees may apply.

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