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Ways You Can Save

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Ways You Can Save in Chicago

We know budgets are tight and NCTM strives to make our professional development opportunities not only the best and most comprehensive, but also the most cost effective. NCTM's Regional Conferences are among the most affordable math education events available, and we've highlighted some additional ways you can save:

  • Check for membership. Before you register check to see if you are an Individual Member or if your school has a Pre-K–8 Membership. Every type of NCTM member—Full Individual, E-member, and Pre-K–8 member—saves $78 compared to the regular registration fee for nonmembers.
  • Form a group. Groups of 5 or more attendees save $75 off nonmember registration rates per person. The individuals do not need to be members, but all attendees must register at the same time using one form of payment. Learn more about group registration.
  • Get a Pre-K–8 Membership for your school. This special type of school membership is just $135 per year and includes 5 E-Memberships for individual educators at your school, who can save $78 on regional conference registration as members. Additional E-Memberships for your teachers are just $10 each—that’s just $10 more to save $78 on a registration. Learn all about the benefits of a Pre-K–8 Membership now.  
  • Don't miss the deadline. Preregister by October 26 to get our lowest Early-Bird registration rates. You can register right up until the last day of the conference, but if you register early you'll get NCTM's best discounts. 
  • Stay at an NCTM hotel. NCTM negotiates exclusively low rates for conference attendees. Chicago room rates are as low as $209 per night. You'll be glad you stayed with NCTM for the savings and the great networking opportunities at NCTM hotels.
  • Register for a day. Day passes are available for under $200. So if you are not able to leave class for two days, come for one day of premium and intense learning. You’ll also save on lodging and registration.
  • Get NCTM Membership with your registration. If you are not a member and the options above don’t apply or won’t work for your school, the regular registration for nonmembers does come with the incentive of a Full Individual Membership for a year—you will be connected to the most quality resources available for math educators year-round. It's another added value for your registration.
  • Plan your travel in advance. Chicago is an extremely accessible city via Amtrak, plane, bus, or car. Determine the most economical means for you and your colleagues to travel with careful planning. Whether you plan to drive, purchase an airline ticket, or take a train or bus, be sure to check out our information on local transportation and parking to save money.



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