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2015 Annual Meeting Exhibit Information - Boston

 2015 Annual Meeting Banner 

Exhibitor Links 


Sales Team Contact Information

Ads, Workshops & Sponsorships: 

Liz Barrett, National Sales Manager,
The Townsend Group
Phone: 301-215-6710  x114

Booth Sales:  

Kim Kelemen, National Sales Manager,
The Townsend Group
Phone: 301-215-6710 x103

Booth Prices

$2,264 per 10' x 10' standard booth
$2,464 per 10' x 10' premium booth
Note: Cross-aisle space and end cap booths are not available. 

Add $200 for each corner booth. 

Not Included in the Booth Cost

  • Furnishings
  • Carpet/Floor Covering (required)
  • Special Electrical Service
  • Internet Service
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • Shipping and drayage
  • Individual booth security

Included in the Booth Cost

  • 6 complimentary conference registrations per booth
  • Complete listing in the Annual Meeting Program Books
  • Complimentary listing on the NCTM website and the Exhibitor Directory
  • Back drape (8') and side rails (3')
  • 1 company identification sign (7" × 44")
  • Access to the exhibitor lounge with complimentary beverages
  • Opportunities to present exhibitor workshops
  • Security when the Exhibit Hall is closed
  • Opportunities to buy attendee mailing lists for pre- and post-conference marketing

* Warning about "FAIR Guide" or "Expo Guide"

Please be aware of "FAIR Guide" or "Expo Guide" 

It has come to our attention that the above-mentioned organization, which uses very unfair selling practices, is targeting exhibitors involved in U.S. exhibits. If you have participated in any of our exhibitions in previous years, you may be targeted

Under no circumstances should you sign anything indicating you will become part of an "exhibition directory" that will list your company's products and services, if the letter is sent to you by FAIR Guide, Expo Guide of Bratislava, Slovakia. This company is not connected to our shows! 

In the fine print of this letter you may find a charge of $1,717 USD that will be charged to you annually for a period of three years for a service that could be of no possible value to you. Click here to see a sample FAIR Guide scam invoice.

For additional information about this scam, view the warnings and cautions to exhibitors from the International Association of Exhibitions and Events™.


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