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Program and Presentations

NCTM 2013 Regional Conference in Las Vegas 

Over 200 Sessions and Workshops Await You in Las Vegas

Choose from more than 200 presentations targeted to grade levels and to special topics such as:

  • Common Core State Standards, including Standards for Math Practices
  • Assessments
  • Technology to support mathematics connections
  • 21st-century learning in the math classroom
  • Differentiating instruction for students with special needs, English language learners, and gifted and talented students

Whether you’re a classroom teacher, administrator, math specialist, or teacher-in-training, you’ll find the topics that interest you and plenty of choices for your grade level.

Featured Presentations 

Formats and Presentation Types 

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Featured Presentations

Opening Session
Wednesday, October 23

Karim Ani
Karim Ani
Alexandria, Virginia
 Eric Westendorf
Eric Westendorf
Washington, DC 
 Dan Meyer 
Dan Meyer
Stanford University,
Stanford, California 
 Jon Wray
Jon Wray
Howard County Public Schools,
Ellicott City, Maryland

Game Changers: Rethinking the Way We Teach Math 

What should effective and innovative math instruction look like and how can teachers create ideal learning experiences for all students? This discussion, led by NCTM Board member Jon Wray, features the perspectives of three educators whose work is transforming curriculum design and delivery, and changing the way students think about mathematics.

Learn From the Experts 

Dan Meyer
Stanford University
Making Math More Like Things Students Like: Video Games 

Don Balka
Saint Mary's College
Archimedes’ Box  

Diane Briars
President-elect, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
High-Leverage Actions to Ensure All Your Students are “Common-Core Ready”  

Gail Burrill
Michigan State University
Rethinking Geometry: Why Transformations?  

Anne Collins
Lesley University
Ratios: Graphing on the Cartesian Coordinate Plane 

Marcy Cook
Mathematical Problem Solving: The Thinking Sport  

Tim Kanold
Loyola University
The Art of Teaching Mathematics!  

Suzanne Mitchell
National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
Vital Signs for Helping Students Succeed in a Competitive World 

Stuart Murphy
From STEM to STEAM: The Arts and Creativity in Mathematics  

David Schwartz
Math Happens When Children Wonder About What They Read  

Kim Sutton
Building Strong Number Sense with Place Value for Pre-K–2  

Greg Tang
Teaching The Tough Topics: Number Sense, Fact Fluency & Fractions 

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Formats and Presentation Types

With a wide variety of topics, new ideas, and innovations for your classroom, you and your students will benefit from the wide selection of sessions. Both sessions and research sessions will be 60 minutes and set in theater-style rooms.

Gallery Workshops
Gallery workshops are 90 minutes long and allow attendees to participate in hands-on activities, with additional gallery seating for observers. You’ll walk away with manipulatives, activities, and handouts for your classroom. 

Exhibitor Workshops 
Looking for more in-depth and personal interaction with exhibitors? If you do, plan to attend the Exhibitor Workshops. Held on Thursday and Friday, these workshops showcase exhibitors' products and services, with hands-on demonstrations and detailed information. You’ll find these presentations marked in program books with the symbol Exhibitor Workshops.

Note: All presentations are open to conference participants. Admission will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Reserving spaces in line or saving seats is not permitted.  

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The program will cover an array of topics including some of the latest hot topics today, such as:

  • Response to Intervention
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Assessment
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Technology
  • And more!

In addition to new topics of discussion, presentations will also cover principles, standards, and other areas for professional development, including:

  • Algebra 
  • Assessment
  • Calculus & Discrete Mathematics
  • Communication, Connections, &  Representation
  • Data Analysis & Probability
  • Equity & Diversity Issues
  • Geometry & Measurement
  • Number & Operations
  • Problem Solving & Reasoning
  • Professional Development, Coaching, and Mentoring

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Justify Your Attendance

We know that finding the time and the funds for your professional development is tough these days; our goal is to make the process easier for you. Garner support for attending the conference by using a template that explains what the conference is and how you can benefit from attending.

Conference Letter (PDF version / Word version)

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