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2015 NCTM Research Conference Call for Proposals

2015 Research Conference in Boston April 13-15 

April 13-15, 2015
Boston, Massachusetts 

The proposal deadline was July 18, 2014, at 5 pm Pacific Time.      

Below you can find relevant information.


Thank you for your interest in the 2015 NCTM Research Conference.  Please read the following documents for helpful information:

  • For this year’s conference, the NCTM Research Committee encourages proposals that make explicit connections to the recently released Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematics Success for All (Executive summary).
  • NCTM Research Conference presentations may highlight empirical studies, methodological work, theoretical and conceptual development, etc.
  • Diverse perspectives and international viewpoints are welcomed. 
  • The program acceptance and rejection letters will be emailed in October 2014.  
  • If you plan to be a speaker on the session, you must enter your name as one of the speakers on the proposal. Submitters’ names are not automatically listed as speakers on the proposal.  
  • All correspondences will be sent to the email of the lead speaker. The lead speaker is responsible for sharing all communications with co-speakers.   
  • A person may be a speaker on at most 2 sessions. However, you may only be a lead speaker on 1 session. This rule does not apply to the discussant role.    
  • A 1500-word description should be uploaded as part of the proposal. References will be entered in a separate text box and will not count toward the 1500 word limit. PLEASE NOTE: To facilitate the blind review process, no information identifying the submitter or any speakers listed on the session may be included in the description. Your proposal will not be reviewed if there is any identifiable information included in the description.   
  • All speakers must be registered for the conference. 
  • You must have indicated all AV needs on the proposals. No changes or additions will be allowed after submission. Please note that internet access will not be available.  

If your proposal is accepted, you will be asked to adhere to the guidelines presented in the FAQs. Any questions not covered? Please email Michael Fish at   



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