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Speaker Information and FAQs

2014 Research Conference • April 7-9, 2014 • New Orleans, Louisiana  

When will the presentations be given?  

  • The Opening Session will be Monday, April 7, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. 
  • The Plenary Session will be Wednesday, April 9, 2014, at 10:30 a.m. 
  • Other presentations will be scheduled from 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, April 8, 2014, through 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 9, 2014.

Before submitting a proposal, be sure that you can give your presentation at any time during the conference. We make exceptions for religious considerations if they are communicated in advance on the speaker proposal form.

What must be included on the proposal?  

  • The title of the proposed presentation (maximum 75 characters, approximately 10 words). 
  • A single-spaced, 1,500-word abstract that describes the session and addresses the criteria described here. The abstract must also include a brief description of how the time during the session will be used, including how the speakers will engage the audience.  PLEASE NOTE: In order for your proposal to be reviewed, no information identifying the submitter or any speakers listed on the session may be included on the abstract. Your proposal will not be reviewed if there is any identifiable information included. Also, references count toward the 1,500-word limit.  
  • A concise, specific description of the essential content of the presentation (maximum 350 characters, approximately of 50 words). If the proposal is accepted, the description provided here will be printed in the program book, subject to editing by NCTM.
  • You can upload your abstract as an HTML/HTM document, but not as a PDF. You can copy and paste into a text editor as well as long as there are no images.

What audiovisual equipment can I use?  

Each session room will include an LCD projector with only one screen. You are responsible for providing a laptop. If you are bringing a Mac laptop, you must provide your own connector for the LCD projector. There will not be an Internet connection available for speakers in session rooms. Finally, please not that due to costly A/V equipment fees, any changes to A/V equipment requests made after the August 2013 proposal deadline will result in a fee charged to the speaker.

Who sets up the A/V equipment?  

Audiovisual equipment confirmed for your presentation will be set up for you by the time your presentation begins. Please arrive to your assigned meeting room promptly to make sure that your A/V needs have been met.

I sent in my speaker proposal. Now what?  

Acceptance and rejection notification of proposals will be sent in October 2013. If you did not receive such an email, although you received notification that your proposal was submitted correctly, please check your junk email before contacting NCTM. For further help, e-mail Michael Fish.

Are there any restrictions?  

  • You may serve as Lead Speaker on only one (1) proposal; however, you may be an additional speaker on one (1) other proposal. A person may be included as an additional author on one additional Individual Paper Session. Each person may be included as a presenter on two (2) proposals at most. This does not apply to NCTM Committee members. There is a maximum of five speakers allowed for Research Symposia, Discussion, and Poster Sessions. There is a maximum of eight speakers allowed for interactive paper sessions and Brief Research Reports. To ensure ample time for audience participation, it is not necessary for every speaker listed on the program to speak during the session. 
  • Selling or promoting products is not allowed during NCTM presentations. You may describe how materials, etc., are used in classrooms. 
  • If any project or commercially available product is the main focus of your presentation, the project or product name must appear in the title.

What happens if my contact information has changed?  

You may either access the personal information on your proposal to make the changes or notify Michael Fish.

What do I do once I receive my acceptance letter?  

  • Read the acceptance letter carefully and RSVP by the deadline. We will e-mail you a speaker packet, which will include the day, time, and location of your presentation, plus registration information. It will also include the title, description, name(s), and affiliation(s) of the speaker(s) as they will appear in the program book. 
  • Check the facts on your proposal. Did we address your needs for audiovisual equipment? If you are planning to have co-speakers, are they listed accurately? 
  • Make needed changes. All changes or corrections must be made on the session confirmation sheet, which is included in the acceptance package. 
  • Meet the deadline. If the form is not returned by the stated deadline, your presentation will not be included on the Research Conference program.

What if I have to cancel? 

  • Email Michael Fish at
  • If you do not notify us in a timely manner, your session description might still appear in the program booklet. Please let us know as soon as possible. 
  • Do not be a no-show.

What about co-speakers? What if my co-speaker changes?  

  • No co-speakers will be added to the presentation once the proposal form has been submitted. 
  • If there are co-speaker changes (change in affiliation or contact information, or if the co-speaker is no longer participating), send an e-mail as soon as possible. 
  • Changes received after the November deadline will not be printed in the program book. 
  • Co-speakers must be notified of acceptance or rejection by the lead speaker. They will not be sent notification.

Do speakers need to register?  

Yes, all speakers must register for the Research Conference. 


Additional questions? Please contact Michael Fish.


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