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New Teacher Strand

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In Your First Years of Teaching or Getting Ready to Teach? 

 NewTeacherStrand  Annual Meeting New Teacher Strand 
Thursday, April 26 & Friday April 27

Wondering how to manage your classroom, work with parents, find engaging lessons, and handle homework— all while keeping your sanity? You’re not alone. The New Teacher Strand is a must for anyone who is in their first few years of teaching or getting ready to teach. Get answers to pivotal questions and concerns of new and soon-to-be teachers. Don’t miss the Kickoff session on Thursday and a full day of workshops and sessions on Friday. Check out the complete New Teacher Strand schedule.

Learn More About the New Teacher Strand

Kickoff Workshop 

Closing Celebration

New Teacher Presentations 

See What 2011 Participants Had to Say

Kickoff Workshop 

Don't miss the Kickoff Session to build a foundation for your learning experience on Friday.

New Teacher Workshop and Kickoff  

David Barnes, NCTM

Thursday, April 26, 3:00 PM-4:30 PM

Do you have questions on how to make it all work? Together we have answers and ideas on management, parents, homework, keeping your sanity, and more. Join others still in school, just starting, in their early career, or looking for help. Receive gifts, prizes, and good ideas.


Closing Celebration

Join us on Friday afternoon to wrap up your New Teacher Strand experience.  

New Teacher Celebration  

Friday, April 27, 4:45 PM-5:30 PM

Celebrate the progress and possibilities as we look for new and early-career teachers and for students working to enter this exciting profession. Learn a little, laugh more, and win wonderful prizes. Come celebrate with us. You are the future.

New Teacher Presentations

Get answers to pivotal questions and concerns of new and soon-to-be teachers. Here are  a few of the presentations you can benefit from:

  • Classroom Management and Motivation: How It Can Work for You
  • Mathematicians Workshop—Managing the Differentiated Classroom
  • Art and Science of Teaching Mathematics: Inspiring Students to Learn

Visit the Online Planner to see more presentations dedicated to New Teachers. 

Thoughts from 2011 New Teacher Strand Participants

  • “I’m near the end of my student teaching, I’m looking for better ways to motivate students and organize my time.”  Don Byrd, student-teacher at Crispus Attucks High School, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • “I’m looking for things I can implement in a diverse classroom, which I will be working in.” Tina Helding, student at Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois
  • “It was really helpful to talk to other teachers who have the same issues and struggles and see what practices they use to deal with them.” Kristen Zack, South Lyon, Michigan.
  • “I found the classroom management discussion helpful. I’m assuming a lot of new teachers struggle with that.”  Rachel Eschenbacher, Saginaw, Michigan.



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