• A Collective Call to Action

    Equity and Social Justice in Mathematics Education: From Awareness to Action

    Equity and social justice issues are real and impact underrepresented students every day. NCTM, in collaboration and cooperation with a collection of Affiliates listed below, invite you to participate in A Call for a Collective Action – Equity & Social Justice in Mathematics Education: From Awareness to Action (PDF).

    This joint activity continues the work done in the past year and includes an upcoming book study, quarterly webinars, and opportunities for in-person discussions at meetings and conferences for the supporting organizations.

    To raise our collective awareness and understanding, we invite you to participate with educators from around the country and possibly the world.

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    Focus Questions for the Year

    • How might we, the mathematics education community, make a difference in the teaching and learning of mathematics “that promote rich, rigorous, and relevant mathematical experiences” for all students? What key actions should we consider? 
    • How does the reading further inform or challenge your understandings of issues related to equity and social justice in mathematics education? What question(s) do you have in regards to the reading(s)?

    Book Study

    NCTM is hosting a book study around The Impact of Identify in K-8 Mathematics: Rethinking Equity-Based Practices. A dedicated online community space allows participants to participate in hosted discussions.

    Schedule for Readings:
    Part 1: November 20 – December 3
    Part 2: December 4 – December 17
    Part 3: December 18 – December 31
    Wrap-up Discussion: January 1 – January 15

    NCTM members can join the book study community in MyNCTM by selecting My Communities (under the Communities menu item) and clicking the blue "Join" button on the right side of the Book Study Community listed.


    Save the date for the next webinar: January 17, 2018
    Webinar registration opens soon.

    Contributing Organizations & Educators

    • Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators ( AMTE)
    • Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics ( ASSM)
    • Benjamin Banneker Association, Inc. ( BBA)
    • California Mathematics Council-South ( CMC-South)
    • Journal of Urban Mathematics Education ( JUME)
    • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics ( NCTM)
    • National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics ( NCSM)
    • North American Study Group on Ethnomathematics ( NASGEm)
    • TODOS: Mathematics for ALL ( TODOS)
    • Women and Mathematics Education ( WME)

    Information from the first year of Equity and Social Justice in Mathematics Education: Developing a Collective Awareness

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