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Resources for the Game of Nine Cards

DeepSeaDuel  Play Deep Sea Duel online now.
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Convinced? Using the Games from the Webinar in Your Classroom? 
The PDF of the PowerPoint is available now.

Missed the live Webinar? 
It's OK. The full recording is available.

Also, stay tuned for accompanying instructional videos.

The following articles offer specific ideas for teaching strategy.
Available for download for a limited time only.

TCM_Game9_Cover  The Educational Value of Tic Tac Toe for 4 to 6 Year Old
Constance Kamii and Mariko Nagahiro
Teaching Children Mathematics, May 2008
 MTMS_Game9_Cover  Teacher to Teacher: What is the Name of This Game?
John F. Mahoney
Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, October 2005
 MT_Game9_Cover  Fifteen: Combining Magic Squares and Tic-Tac-Toe
Joseph B. W. Yeo
Mathematics Teacher, August 2012

Still want more? NCTM has games galore!
View a short video highlighting the Game of Nine Cards, other NCTM games, and instructional resources. Or go straight to our webpage hosting the collection of NCTM games at

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