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International Corresponding Societies in Math Education

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics maintains relationships and fosters open communication with select mathematics teaching organizations in other countries. The designation of an organization as an international corresponding society is subject to approval by the Council.  More on corresponding societies.

Application and questions should be directed to Rick Scott.

Asociación Nacional de Profesores de Matemáticas (Mexico) 

Asociación Venezolana de Educación Matemática (Venezuela) 

Associação de Professores de Matemática (Portugal) 

Association des Professeurs de Mathémathiques de ľEnseignement Public (France) 

Association of Teachers of Mathematics (United Kingdom) 

Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (Australia) 

European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (European)  

Inter-American Committee on Mathematics Education (Americas) 

International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (International) 

International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (International)  

Isfahan Mathematics House (Iran) 

Mathematical Association of Victoria (Australia) 

Sociedade Brasileira de Educação Matemática (Brazil) 

Sociedad de Educación Matemática Uruguaya (Uruguay)  

Information about math education in the United States as prepared for ICME conferences.  more>> 

 About NCTM's Corresponding Societies

NCTM established Corresponding Societies as a means to build ties with professional associations of mathematics education in other countries. Through this process NCTM and the international association would mutually agree to:

  1. Offer information to members through professional publications and Website.
  2. Invite members of the other organization who are residing in their respective countries to be “honored visitors” to their annual conferences.
  3. Offer one free registration for an official representative of the corresponding society to attend the organization’s annual meeting.

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