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How to Do It

  1. Confirm Your Status—Make sure you are a current NCTM individual member.
  2. Set a Goal—Start with an easy goal, such as recruiting one new member—which would make you eligible for the prize drawing for a free trip to NCTM’s 2016 annual meeting in San Francisco or the latest Apple iPad. Next, try for two members, which means two chances in the drawing PLUS $5 in NCTM bucks. Once you see how easy it is, keep going, because the prizes keep adding up.
  3. Spread the Word—Distribute applications in print or by e-mail to your colleagues, friends, administrators, prospective mathematics teachers, college students and others who are involved in mathematics education, and encourage them to join. Mention that NCTM membership offers timely, valuable and vital professional benefits at a great price, such as special training and resources on the Common Core Standards.  Also note how membership has helped you.
  4. ID Yourself—Add your member ID number after "I was referred by an NCTM member" on printed applications, or provide it to those you are referring to mention online or over the phone.
  5. Use Social Media—Post notes about membership and links to NCTM’s Web site on Twitter; your Web site; or your Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social networking pages.
  6. Follow Up—See whether your contacts have questions and encourage them to apply.
  7. Watch the Deadline—the program runs year round, but this year’s prizes and gifts will apply for all qualifying applications received by June 30, 2015. Applications received after that date will be counted toward next year’s program.
  8. Have Fun! 



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